Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker – the Mobile Phone with a built in GPS Tracker

A mobile tracker phone is a very useful thing to have – especially for the elderly, or anyone who is at risk of being lost or vulnerable.

The mobile tracker has a built in GPS tracking system. This means that authorised person can find out exactly where the mobile tracker is. For example, if you have a dad or grandad with Alzheimer’s or dementia, he may be at risk from wandering or getting lost. If you give him a mobile tracker to use as an ordinary mobile phone, then you know you can track it discretely whenever you need to to ensure that he is safe.

The mobile tracker comes bundled with some great safety features

An SOS button on the back of the mobile tracker can be pressed whenever the mobile tracker holder is lost or confused. This button automatically sends an alert text to the authorised number, as well as call it. You can then have a convenient two-way conversation with the mobile tracker holder to find out where they are and offer any reassurance.

In normal use, the mobile tracker can be located via a simple text message. You text “6660000” to the mobile tracker, and it automatically texts back its location coordinates. These can then be entered onto Google Maps. You can also receive a text which has an automatic live link to Google Maps, which is great if you have a smart phone (e.g. IPhone, Blackberry, Android).

Mobile Tracker gives real-time online tracking

With a data-enabled SIM, you can easily set up the mobile tracker to send regular updates to website server – you can then log into a website, and see the location of the mobile tracker in real-time. You might be at work for example, and want to log in to just check on the whereabouts of a vulnerable relative. This system is free, and you can read more about GPRS here.

The Mobile Tracker requires its own SIM card

The only thing you need for the mobile tracker is a SIM card. We recommend GiffGaff as they offer very cheap deals without an ongoing contract – via the link you can also get an immediate £5 free credit.

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