TK102 GPS Tracker from Ebay Should Be Avoided

Why You Should Avoid the TK102 Ebay version or TK102B Ebay sellers

Just a friendly bit of experienced advice if you’re searching for a Dementia Tracker, and have landed on some of the cheaper options for TK102 Ebay.

“Wow, that’s cheap! These other guys are charging the earth!”
…you might think, as you turn a blind eye to all the spelling mistakes on the listing and hope for the best. It’s worth a punt, right?

It might be, if you’re that kind of person.

But when would be a good time for you to realise that the device is not practical for people tracking?

In a week maybe, when you still haven’t even made sense of the chinese manual?
A couple of weeks, before it stops replying to your texts?
In a month, when your vulnerable relative is lost and the Tracker isn’t playing ball? When the Ebay seller doesn’t give a damn about you or your problem?

Really – its not all it’s cracked up to be. But you should know that already! Ebay isn’t what it used to be.

Here’s why buying the TK102B from Ebay is a bad idea

The GPS Tracker itself has “issues”

The original TK102 Ebay GPS Tracker was one of the first popular GPS Trackers. In the early days, we used to stock them ourselves, direct from the original (and best, for these devices) manufacturer – Xexun. Even then, they were temperamental devices, and would often suffer problems after a few weeks of use. The battery life wasn’t great, the manuals were atrocious, and the usage was “messy”. It was difficult to know if the Tracker was switched on or off, for example.

We eventually stopped selling them because we couldn’t adequately fulfill our commitment to customers – to provide quality devices with quality after-care. They were simply too “iffy”.

The TK102B Ebay version is a copy (and supposed upgrade) manufactured by various different companies. They aren’t as good as the originals, and even they weren’t particularly good to begin with. They have huge issues. One is live tracking – they are locked to the manufacturers tracking platform which is a nightmare to use. The battery life is short, you can’t tell if its on or off, and the functionality can suddenly give in. The TK102B upgrade is because it has SD card functionality – but making sense of the logs that are stored on the SD card is a whole other story, and its not a function that the vast majority of users would want to use.

TK102 Ebay sellers want your Paypal cash – not your respect

“The customer service and aftercare with this company is excellent. I have had a couple of queries & their on line service response is quick and extremely helpful. Many thanks would highly recommend”Susan, 2016
If customer service is important to you, then you’ll value having someone to talk to if you have problems setting up your GPS Tracker, or queries about functionality further down the line. Trying to get any kind of service from the Ebay sellers is a different ball game altogether.

If the reason you’re using a GPS Tracker is important…

… then its worth spending more to get more.

If you’re wanting to track someone who is vulnerable, and want reassurance that your GPS Tracker is up to scratch, then purchasing the TK102B from Ebay really isn’t a great idea. You’re likely to be left frustrated – and that’s just reading the manual.

Reliability, after-care, quality – these are extremely important.

If you’re wanting a personal GPS Tracker to track someone, then you should ensure that you have a device you can trust, and a company you can rely on for decent aftercare. It might feel like you’re saving some money by shopping for an Ebay GPS Tracker, but its at the sacrifice of other values – which are likely to make the initial saving a false economy.

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