Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Devices

We sell one of the best magnetic Vehicle Tracking Devices – Strong, Reliable, Accurate and with a fantastic long battery life

  • Strong, powerful magnetic base
  • Reliable and accurate GPS vehicle tracking
  • Over 30 days battery life with regular use
  • Totally wireless
  • Geo-fencing and speed alerts
  • Remote listening
  • Free online tracking – easy to set up
  • Free SIM card if you need one

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Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Devices – Features

Our Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Device will text you with its location coordinates, and a live link to Google Maps which is great if you have an internet phone (iPhone etc). You can request the location by texting it, calling, or setting it up with live online tracking. All of this is explained in the detailed manual accompanying the Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Device.

Other Vehicle Tracking Devices come with lots of problems – impossible wiring, poor manuals, inaccurate signals, poor features – and can be hell to set up with online tracking. With our Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Device – you’ll be tracking in no time. It does exactly what it says on the tin – and much more.

You can receive text alerts if the Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Device goes too fast, or goes too far from a specific point. If you’re tracking employees for example, then this is extremely useful.

The Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Device requires no wiring – but all the wiring is included if you wish to install it for permanent use. You also get an extra GPS and GSM antenna which can improve the accuracy, but is not really necessary. There is also an SOS button, which might be useful if you want to give your driver an easy way of sending a location text alert to a pre-programmed phone number – e.g. when they reach a checkpoint or location.


Fantastic Value Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Devices

Our Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Device is brilliant value – there are on ongoing fees and no monthly subscription. If you need a SIM card, we can provide one for free. Our detailed guides to using the Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Device and getting set up with online GPRS tracking won’t leave you in the dark.

Read more about or buy the Magnetic Vehicle Tracking Device here.

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