GPS Watch Phone

GPS Watch Phone with 3-in-one Watch, Mobile Phone and GPS Tracking

Our GPS Watch Phone is a watch that can be worn on the wrist. Its a watch, mobile phone, and GPS tracker.

GPS Watch Phone – The Mobile Phone

Two buttons on the side of the GPS Watch Phone can be programmed with different phone numbers. This is done via text message – so from another phone, you send a text message to the SIM in the GPS watch phone, that includes the relevant information. Then, pressing the “Call1” button calls the first phone number, and pressing “Call2” calls the second number. You can speak to the person on the other end of the phone loud and clear, via the onboard microphone and speaker. The GPS Watch Phone can also answer phone calls from anyone who calls.

GPS Watch Phone – The GPS Tracker

The GPS tracker functionality on the GPS Watch Phone is incredibly powerful and useful. The GPS chip gives a very accurate location, and this can be transmitted by text message to anyone who wants it. If for example, the wearer of the GPS Watch Phone is elderly, has dementia or Alzheimers, make be at risk of being lost – or has another need to be tracked by someone – then its perfect. By sending a text message to the GPS Watch Phone, you can receive a text message with latitude and longitude coordinates, and a link to Google Maps. So whether you have a new or old style phone, seeing the location on a map is easy.

There are other GPS functions on the GPS Watch Phone, such as geo-fencing.

Remote Listening on the GPS Watch Phone

The GPS Watch Phone is like a surveillance device. You can have it all another phone with the microphone enabled – and this is done remotely (via text message). The GPS Watch Phone shows no indication that remote listening has been activated, so you can listen in discretely on the surroundings.

What’s included with the GPS Watch Phone?

The GPS Watch Phone comes in an attractive box, with a detailed manual, two batteries, UK charger, and reminder cards of the functional text messages.

You won’t be disappointed!


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