GPS Watch Dementia

GPS Watch For Dementia – Know When The Dementia Patient Wanders, and Where They Are

A GPS Watch for Dementia sufferers is incredibly useful. Worn around the wrist, it offers a convenient GPS watch for the dementia sufferer, as well as a location device for any relative or carer who wishes to know where the dementia sufferer is at any given time.

GPS Watch Dementia / Alzheimer’s

If you are a relative or a carer for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s, you might be concerned about wandering off, or becoming lost or confused. The GPS Watch Dementia offers reassurance by giving you a precise location of the GPS watch at any given time, simply by sending a text message to it.

The GPS watch dementia works by using a SIM card inside, like an ordinary mobile phone. Using GPS satellites, the GPS watch dementia is able to get an accurate fix of its location. It can then transmit this information out to a mobile phone on request.

You simply send a text message to the GPS Watch Dementia, and it will automatically reply with the location coordinates in the text. If you have an internet phone, then you can click on a link within the text to go directly to Google Maps. If not, then you can just put the location coordinates into Google Maps on a computer to see the location.

GPS Watch Dementia is also a mini mobile phone

The GPS watch dementia also has a small onboard microphone and speaker. Two buttons can be programmed to call specific numbers – just a push of a button for the dementia sufferer. The GPS watch dementia can also answer any phone calls.

SOS Button on the GPS Watch, Dementia Safety

A small SOS button on the side of the GPS Watch Dementia offers extra reassurance for the dementia or Alzheimer’s sufferer. When pressed, the SOS button sends an automatic alert text message and phone call to up to three programmed numbers.

What is Geo-Fencing?

Geo-fencing is a terrific feature of the GPS Watch Dementia. It allows you to set a radius from a given point – when the GPS Watch leaves that area, an alert text is sent to a carers mobile phone. This is perfect for knowing when the dementia or Alzheimer’s sufferer has wandered too far – and saves you having to make regular location requests.

If you have any questions at all about the GPS watch dementia, just let us know.


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