GPS Tracking for Alzheimer’s Patients

GPS Tracking for Alzheimer’s Patients – Know When They Wander, and Where They Are

The need for accurate GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s patients is obvious – approximately 700,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and up to half will become lost at least once by wandering.

We provide GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s patients that is both affordable, and multi-functional.

Easy To Use GPS Tracking for Alzheimer’s

Our GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s patients works by text messaging. The GPS tracking device is like a mini-mobile phone, with its own SIM card. You can text the tracking device for Alzheimer’s patients from your own mobile phone – it will then reply with the location coordinates. These can be clicked on with an internet phone to automatically load up Google Maps, or easily entered into Google Maps on a computer.

GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s patients is also made easier by some clever functionality. Again with a simple text message to the GPS tracking device, you can set the GPS tracker to alert you if it goes out of a certain distance of a fixed location. So you could set the GPS tracker to let you know if it moves more than 100 metres of the Alzheimer’s patients location. If the Alzheimer’s patient then wanders away and strays too far, you can receive an alert text message, with the current location coordinates.

Another important safety feature of GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s patients is an SOS or “panic” button. These buttons can be pressed by the Alzheimer’s patient if they become lost or confused, and will alert the designated emergency carer.

Personal GPS Tracking for Alzheimer’s Patients

This is a breakthrough GPS Tracking device for Alzheimer’s Patients – tiny, robust, exceptional quality and a huge 7 day battery life. Its the longest battery life you’ll find for a personal GPS tracker. As well as a large SOS button, it boasts onboard speaker and microphone for two-way calling, remote listening, and geo-fence alerts. Fantastically versatile – and packed with useful features.


The GPS Tracking Watch for Alzheimer’s Patients

The GPS Tracking watch for Alzheimer’s patients can be conveniently worn around the wrist. It is discrete – the wearer will not know when you are texting it to receive location coordinates, or using the remote listening function of the onboard microphone. It can be easily set to upload its location to an online website, and we give a step-by-step guide to creating a free account where you can see the GPS tracking for Alzheimers patients location online. It also has an SOS button, 2 way calling (like a mobile phone), and alerts if it strays too far. This is one of our most popular GPS tracking devices, especially for Alzheimer’s patients.


Mobile GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s Patients

This mobile phone GPS tracking device has a dual function. It is a user-friendly mobile phone for the elderly or Alzheimer’s patients, with large buttons and a clear display. It also has GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s patients – using a simple text messaging system. Just text the mobile phone with a specific command, and it will automatically respond with its location coordinates. It also has effective online tracking in real time, remote listening, alerts if it strays too far, and an SOS button on the back. It also has an FM radio and flashlight, activated with small switches on the sides.

We are the UK’s favourite site for GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s patients, with tried and tested products and excellent customer service.

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