GPS Tracking Devices for a Range of Uses

You will have your own specific need for a GPS Tracker, which is unique to you. Hopefully, the flexibility and functionality of our devices will more than adequately suit your needs – providing even more incredibly helpful uses that you didn’t even realise were possible.

To make it easier, we have written separate pages detailing how our Personal GPS Trackers are useful for different needs. Please click on the relevant page below:

GPS Tracking For Alzheimer’s/dementia/elderly

GPS Tracking For Stroke Risk

GPS Tracking For Children

GPS Tracking For Theft/Assets Protection

GPS Tracking For Cars, Boats & other Vehicles

GPS Tracking For Hikers and Travellers

See For Yourself With Our Quick Video:

Our quick visual guide below gives a great overview of what our GPS Tracking devices are capable of.

GPS tracking devices can pin-point a location on a map – making it easy to track people, cars, boats or assets.

We specialise in GPS tracking devices for personal use. Personal GPS Trackers are small gadgets carried by a person – either in a pocket, a bag or perhaps strapped to a wrist or worn round the neck on a lanyard (e.g. our Stray Star GPS Tracker). GPS tracking devices give freedom to the person by allowing them to be tracked should they get lost – and reassurance to anyone caring for them, who will be able to track them via a text message or online.

Our Stray Star GPS Tracker can be worn in a neoprene velcro pouch attached to a leg or arm, carried with a lanyard cable around the neck, fixed to some keys or placed in a bag.

GPS Tracking Device requirements

GPS tracking devices require a SIM card to be used. The tracking devices utilise GSM signals just like mobile phones to send their SMS location text messages, and make outgoing calls to the programmed phone numbers. They’re incredibly cheap to use though (5p per location text), and we pre-install them to make setting-up very easy for you.

It is also important to remember that the GPS tracking devices also rely on a GPS signal – these signals are much stronger when outdoors. Indoors, the signal may be weaker (giving a less accurate reading) or nonexistent if deep inside a large building.

Our GPS tracking devices are all sold in an attractive gift box with everything you need – manuals, USB leads for charging and UK plugs.

If you have any questions about our GPS tracking devices, please get in touch. We’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. You can also read about our most popular personal GPS Tracker, the Stray Star GPS Tracker here, or browse some frequent questions about the GPS Tracking devices on our Contact page.

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Stray Star GPS Tracker
Fall detection
Locate by text
SOS button
2-way calling
Motion alerts
7-30 Day Battery
Tamper proof
Easy charging via cradle