Dementia Care Zone

Here you’ll find some specialised information pages which you might find useful.

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Over the years we’ve spoken to many customers caring for dementia sufferers, liaised with plenty of care-home staff, and worked through product trials with the Alzheimer’s Society. During that time, we’ve come to recognise some of the common issues and concerns that you may have.

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Some External Resources (clicking opens new tabs) Dementia Forum – A friendly and down to earth resource for dementia carers to share their stories and ask for advice.

Dementia Friends – these information sessions happen locally and regularly, so look them up for your area. Its a great way to meet people in a similar situation, share stories and build your support network.

Like many of our GPS Tracker customers, you may have a spouse, parent or sibling who has been diagnosed with dementia (or know someone else who is in this unfortunate situation). It may be that the dementia sufferer hasn’t yet started wandering or becoming lost, or maybe its a recent or ongoing issue. Regardless, you’ll know when using a GPS Tracker feels like the right thing to do.

Buying a GPS Tracker to locate someone with dementia is a great idea – it could easily safe a life, it will provide plenty of reassurance, and could prevent countless man hours of searching and involvement with local police.