GPS Trackers for Alzheimer’s Patients

GPS Trackers for Alzheimer’s Patients

Buying a GPS tracker for an Alzheimer’s patient from us is a one time payment. We give excellent customer service and detailed manuals to ensure you get the most of your GPS tracker for an Alzheimer’s patient.

Our GPS trackers for Alzheimer’s patients work via text messaging. You can text the GPS tracker to receive instant location coordinates back. They require their own SIM cards – and then you just pay for the texts or calls that are made. This should cost no more than £5 per month, if you use our special link.

Personal GPS Tracker For Alzheimer’s Patients

Our breakthrough Personal GPS Tracker for Alzheimer’s patients is small, robust, and has a huge 7 day battery life – the longest you’ll find for a personal GPS Tracker. The battery is built in – and it comes with a lanyard strap for easy carrying. It has a small onboard speaker and microphone, so can be used as a mobile phone. A large SOS button on the front sends alert texts and phone calls to programmed carer numbers. It can be set to send alerts if the Alzheimer’s patient wanders out of or into particular zones – which can be set at any size. It really is a fantastic GPS tracker – and is only the size of a matchbox!


GPS Tracker Watch for Alzheimer’s Patients

The GPS Tracker Watch is a perfect gift for for Alzheimer’s patients, or carers of Alzheimer’s patients. It is a powerful, accurate and attractive GPS tracker than can be worn on the wrist. If the Alzheimer’s patient wanders, then the GPS tracker watch will go too – and can be tracked via text or online. You can also receive text alerts if the GPS tracker watch strays too far, and it has an SOS “panic” button to notify you when pressed.


Mobile Phone GPS Tracker for Alzheimer’s Patients

Our Mobile Phone GPS Tracker is perfect for the elderly as well as Alzheimer’s patients. With large user-friendly buttons, it can be easily used by the elderly. It also has accurate GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients. Other features include an FM Radio, Flashlight, Online tracking, stray-alerts, SOS button and remote listening.


Our customer service is excellent. If you have questions about GPS trackers for Alzheimer’s patients, please do get in touch.

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