Tracking Devices for People, That Won’t Let You Down

Tracking devices for people are becoming more and more popular – there are so many uses and situations in which they can be be incredibly useful or even save a life.

Our GPS watch tracking device for people can be conveniently worn, and provides full GPS functionality. This means that someone else can locate the tracking device, and many safety features can be set including the SOS button and geo-fencing (where someone is alerted if the tracker wanders too far from a set point).

Our mobile phone tracker is a convenient tracking device for people who are elderly. It has large buttons, an FM Radio, flashlight, and full GPS location functionality.

Tracking devices for people should be:

  • Simple to use – once configured, the tracker wearer doesn’t really have to do anything except ensure that the battery is charged. Our manuals are very thorough and explain how to set the trackers up step-by-step.
  • Portable – our tracking devices for people can be easily carried or worn.
  • Robust – our trackers are fit for purpose, and the GPS tracker for children is tamper proof.
  • Functional – our trackers have SOS buttons, locate by text, online tracking, geo-fencing, two-way calling.

Tracking Devices for People Who May Wander

We specialise in tracking devices for people who may wander. The functionality is invaluable, for example:


With a simple text command, tracking devices for people who may wander can be programmed to text an alert to a designated mobile, if the person strays too far from a set point. This could be a short distance, e.g. to the next street, or a longer distance, e.g. half a mile. As soon as the boundary is crossed, an alert text message is sent to the designated mobile phone.

SOS button

All our tracking devices for people have SOS buttons which can be pressed if the person is lost, confused or in trouble. This sends an alert text to the designated mobile phone, as well as calls the person for an automatic two-way call.

Locate by text

A carer can text the tracking device for people to get an automatic response back of the location. This can offer reassurance as to the location of the person.

Our Tracking Devices for People

We sell a number of popular tracking devices for people, with free delivery, free SIM cards if necessary, and online assistance. To see our tracking devices for people, click here.

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