GPS Tracker SOS buttons are a common feature on a GPS tracker, and are present on all the GPS trackers we sell.

GPS Tracker SOS buttons can be pressed by the GPS tracker wearer in any time of emergency. The SOS button normally does two things:

It automatically texts the designated phone number/s programmed into the GPS tracker’s memory – with a “SOS Help Me” message. If a GPS signal is present at the time of pressing, then this text will also contain location information.

The GPS Tracker SOS button will also call the designated phone number/s in turn – until someone answers. A two-way conversation can then take place, if the GPS tracker has an onboard mic and speaker.

For example, the GPS Tracker SOS button on our GPS Tracker watch is a small button on the right side of the watch. When pressed, it will text the programmed phone numbers (up to three) and call them in turn – allowing a two way conversation to take place.

The GPS Tracker SOS buttons should only be pressed in times of emergency – if the GPS tracker wearer is genuinely lost or needs help. The people who receive the texts are of course going to be concerned, and may go looking for the person. If the GPS tracker wearer was only wanting to call someone, then other buttons can be pressed – “call 1” or “call 2” to connect to the relevant person. The GPS Tracker SOS button on our large-buttoned >mobile phone GPS tracker also lets out a loud emergency siren noise! Not something you would want to trigger unless you meant to. For this reason, the GPS tracker SOS buttons have to be pressed for about 3-4 seconds to trigger the alerts.

GPS Tracker SOS buttons are a very important safety feature on our GPS trackers, making it easy for vulnerable people to alert a guardian in times of need.

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