GPS Tracker Watch Update

GPS Tracker Watch Update

[two_third]You might be wanting to know when the GPS Tracker Watch is back in stock. Rather than give a vague answer, we thought we’d fill you in on why there is a huge delay.

Originally, these devices were terrific. The one downside though was that they had a bespoke charging lead (this was before everything used the standard micro-USB chargers), so customers often damaged the charging ports by forcing in the wrong leads.

The manufacturer of the original main board (the circuitry inside the device) then unfortunately stopped producing (these things happen). In their wake, other manufacturers stepped up to the task, but whilst they managed to improve the charging port, they couldn’t recreate the original device to be as good as it was. Now, there are a fair few clones of the original watch on the market, and they are terrible. The batteries only last for 7 hours, even if there is no interaction.

We have been working with other manufacturers towards sourcing a reliable and functional GPS Tracker Watch. Sometimes we get very close, but there are so many hurdles to jump in getting all our quality boxes ticked.

The current trend is towards cheaper, app-based watches, but they don’t fulfill our criteria. They are too restrictive on who is allowed to get a location, and are too reliant on an app and server to give location information. Say for example someone went missing and you had to get the police or a friend or neighbour involved, rather than just give them a phone number and text command, you would need to log into an app, then whitelist their phone number, and/or ask them to download the app and log in – which just isn’t practical at all.

We want our products to be simple and functional.

Having said that we are developing a watch which will likely use an app, but will also allow for text based functionality alongside. We can’t promise any dates for now though, although it is likely to be some time in 2018.

stray-star-gps-tracker-holder-velcro-buyThanks for your patience, and sorry we can’t fulfill your needs for a GPS Tracker Watch at the present time. The Stray Star GPS Tracker meanwhile, is still a fantastic device, and now has an optional pouch. This allows it to be wearable on a belt or ankle as well.

If you would like to be notified when we have a GPS Tracker Watch is available, please let us know here.

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