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What’s My Favourite GPS Tracker and Why?

Choosing a GPS Tracker can be a nightmare. There are plenty to choose from, which more often than not will have poor battery life, come from China, carry a customs charge, and have no follow-up assistance. And of course – you’ll get a poor manual in Chinglish which makes no sense!

In just a minute I’ll tell you about my favourite GPS tracker and why. But first, why buy from us? Well, we provide all of these things when you buy a GPS Tracker:

Buy a GPS Tracker From Us and you’ll get…

  • Free First Class recorded delivery, from the UK
  • High quality trackers, that work!
  • Full detailed manuals
  • Step-by-step guide to getting set up with an online GPS tracking website, if you need it
  • Online assistance if you get stuck

Our Favourite GPS Tracker

Our Personal GPS Tracker is a fantastic gadget. Its the size of a matchbox, but packs a 7 day built in battery. Getting it set up for online GPS tracking is a breeze, and we provide a step-by-step guide with our detailed instructions.

It has a few other features which set it apart from other GPS Trackers. Normally, geo-fencing on a GPS tracker allows you to receive a text alert if the GPS tracker strays a certain distance from a fixed point. On our Personal GPS Tracker, you can set up to five square geo “zones” using location coordinates for the upper left and lower right corners. They can be of any size, anywhere. The unique aspect of the geo-fencing on this GPS tracker though is that you can choose to receive alerts if the GPS tracker moves not only out of a zone, but into one. So for example, you could set up five areas, and know if the person or vehicle you are tracking goes to one of those areas.

You can also remotely set the GPS tracker to call any number. This could be really useful for example if you care for an elderly relative who may wander. If they wanted to speak to someone, you could send a text and automatically connect their GPS tracker with the phone number. Two way communication is enabled by the onboard microphone and speaker.

The onboard speaker on the GPS tracker can also be used for remote listening.

For a GPS Tracker the size of a matchbox, we think you’ll agree its a pretty impressive list of features. To learn more about this GPS Tracker, click here.

More GPS Tracker Details

At a glance, some more features of our Personal GPS Tracker:

  • A solid and robust GPS Tracker
  • Only 65 x 40 x 18 mm – the size of a matchbox
  • No ongoing costs except text messages
  • Detailed manual explaining everything you need to know about your GPS Tracker
  • Inbuilt battery, which lasts over 7 days on standby
  • Receive GPS tracker location reports via text message
  • Texts from GPS Tracker have links to Google Maps
  • SOS button which texts and calls up to 5 numbers
  • Can be remotely made to call a phone number
  • Can be remotely made to answer with just the microphone enabled
  • Easily set up online tracking
  • Receive alerts if it moves out of, or in to, up to five pre-defined areas
  • Receive alerts if it goes above a certain speed
  • Nicely packaged in a presentation box
  • Quad band so can be used world wide
  • Perfect for Alzheimer’s/dementia patients, children, vulnerable adults, cars, anyone!
  • Delivered within two working days

If you have any questions about our personal GPS Tracker or any of our other GPS trackers, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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