GPS Tracker Locations

Our Personal GPS Trackers give an accurate location via text message – so you can track from anywhere


Location coordinates are given in longitude and latitude – this universal coordinate system is able to pinpoint anywhere on the Earth with absolute precision.

Let’s see how this works in practice.

Send a text to the GPS Tracker

From your own mobile phone, you send a simple text message to the phone number for the SIM card inside the tracker, just like you would to another mobile phone. The text you need to send is a specific command. Different commands do different functions, and they are all outlined in the accompanying manual.

The GPS Tracker immediately texts you back

Having received the specific location-request text message of “9770000” for example, the GPS Tracker will then immediately text you back with the location coordinates of where it is. This will include a clickable link to show you exactly where it is.

With an internet enabled phone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows), the text you receive would look a little like the example to the right. The Google Maps link is a live link – so clicking on it will take you direct to the location on Google Maps, on your phone.

gps-tracker-longitude-latitudeThis would then look something like this:

If you have an older style phone without internet, then you’ll need to enter the coordinates directly into Google Maps on a computer instead, like in the example picture below.

You can click on the above picture to see the example on Google Maps (opens in a new window).

With online tracking enabled, you can also log into a website to track the GPS tracker online. This might be easier if you don’t have an internet phone.

Hope that all makes sense! Let us know if not.