GPS Phone Watch

GPS Phone Watch – A Phone And GPS Tracker You Can Wear On Your Wrist

Our GPS Phone Watch is a fantastic gadget – and our most popular. Its easy to see why.

The GPS Phone Watch with a difference

The GPS Phone Watch is a mobile phone, watch and accurate GPS tracker all in one. You can locate the GPS Phone Watch anytime using a simple text command – it then automatically replies with the GPS coordinates. The coordinates can then be put into Google Maps, or clicked on if you have a smart phone to see the location on a map.

Locating the GPS Phone Watch isn’t the only trick it can do. The GPS Phone Watch has the ability to alert you via text if it strays too far. For example, if you’re concerned about a relative with Alzheimers or dementia wandering or becoming lost – then you can set the GPS Phone Watch to alert you if they wander 100 meters away.

An SOS button is another great feature of the GPS Phone Watch – when pressed, it sends an alert text and calls the designated phone number. An excellent safety feature.

Using the GPS Phone Watch as a Mobile Phone

Having a phone on a watch was once a thing of the future. Now its here – and it looks and sounds great. The GPS Phone Watch has two small buttons on the side which can be programmed (via text message from a mobile phone) to call specific numbers. So pushing the small “Call1” or “Call2” buttons on the side will call the designated numbers. The onboard microphone and speaker is excellent – you can talk into the GPS Phone Watch like you would an ordinary phone.

The GPS Phone Watch can also receive calls from any phone. It is unlocked – meaning it can use any SIM card, and if you need one for the GPS Phone Watch, we have a great SIM offer.

The GPS Phone Watch – More Information

The GPS Phone Watch has a few more interesting functions, and comes with two batteries, a detailed manual, UK charger and presentation box.


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