GPS Personal Tracker

Seven Things You Can Do With A GPS Personal Tracker

Watch our Tutorial Video about why everyone should own a GPS Personal Tracker. GPS Personal Trackers have the following great functionality:

  • Locate the GPS personal tracker with a simple text message.
  • Be alerted if the GPS personal tracker strays too far.
  • Be alerted via text if the SOS button is pressed.
  • Be called by the GPS personal tracker if the SOS button is pressed.
  • Call the GPS personal tracker to connect to the wearer or carrier.
  • Watch the location of the GPS personal tracker live online.
  • Text the GPS personal tracker to have it call you – with remote listening activated.

GPS personal trackers just require SIM cards to work. In this sense, they are like mini mobile phones. Once you have installed the SIM card, the GPS personal tracker will have its own unique phone number. This is how you can text the GPS personal tracker to program the various functions and make location requests. The costs of the texts and calls from the GPS personal tracker are as standard for your SIM card. There are no hidden charges!

A GPS Personal Tracker Gives Reassurance And Convenience

A GPS Personal Tracker is a very useful gadget to have. A GPS Personal Tracker is not only useful for tracking yourself or someone else – but a car or belonging as well.

GPS Personal Trackers are unique as GPS Trackers in that they transmit their location via text, as well as online. This makes GPS Personal Trackers very user-friendly – you only need to send a text message to the GPS tracker, and it will automatically reply by text with its location coordinates. The location coordinates can be put into Google Maps, or clicked on a smart phone to automatically load up a map.

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