Firmware Update 2

Get the latest firmware update

If you purchased your device before Christmas 2015, then you won’t have the latest firmware update. This means you won’t be able to use the Mode4 function for energy efficiency and a longer battery life.

Don’t worry, we can sort that for you.

First, a few other things you should know about the update.

The update will not reset your device

You will not need to re-enter your numbers afterwards. If you have set a geo-fence, it will remain intact.

However, if you are using online tracking, you will need to resend the relevant APN and IP texts to get your online tracking working again.

Number slots

Depending on when you purchased your device, you will currently either have 3, 4 or 5 number slots available for alerts, SOS, and the outgoing call. We added more numbers gradually, to allow for more flexibility. Some customers wanted to have a number that would only receive low-battery or geo-fence alerts, others wanted a number that would only receive SOS alerts.

This update doesn’t add any more numbers to the last firmware, but just in case you have an older device, this is how the numbers will work after the update:

A1 – SOS, alerts
B1 – SOS, alerts
C1 – Outgoing call (side button)
D1 – alerts only
E1 – SOS only

(As you hopefully already know, to set a number, you text A1,phonenumber e.g. A1,07786454545, or just A1 or B1 etc if your programming the number that you’re using to text from – i.e. the same phone.)

Location accuracy

The update will not change the speed or accuracy of responses to location requests – everything will be as normal.

Costs involved

The update will cost about 40p in texts from your device’s SIM credit. Please ensure that it has sufficient credit if you want to go ahead with this. That’s it though, we’re not charging for the time it will take to do this for you.

Interruption to your Tracker’s usability

When we do the update, there will be a period of about thirty seconds when your device is non-responsive to texts. After this, and it’s reset again, you will still be able to make location requests as usual. You will just need to re-program any numbers you wanted in the number slots, and functions like geo-fencing.

Ok good, now how do I get the update?

Once we have the relevant info, we will update your device on a first come, first served basis. It might take a few days to get round to you. We’ll email you once its complete, so you can go about setting up your numbers again.

Please give your details below:

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Once we have got around to your request, we will email you to let you know.