Elderly Personal GPS Watch

Our Elderly Personal GPS Watch is Packed With Features!

The Elderly Personal GPS Watch is the perfect gadget. Keep a track of your elderly relative with instant location reports by text message – you simply need to text the SIM in the elderly personal GPS Watch and it will automatically reply with the location. It also has an SOS button, and two-way calling. Yes – it can even be used as a mini mobile phone! With a small digital display, it really is the best elderly personal GPS watch available.

Our GPS Trackers for the elderly are commonly used to track people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, who may wander or be at risk of being lost of vulnerable.

The Elderly Personal GPS Watch also Tracks Online

Online tracking for the elderly personal GPS watch can be set up easily – and it’s free to set up and use. We provide a step-by-step guide to online tracking with your personal GPS watch. You can then log in, and see where the elderly personal GPS watch is at any time.

SOS button on the Personal GPS Watch

Despite being a small watch, there are three buttons on the side. Some of our elderly customers don’t need or use these features – but it doesn’t hurt to have them. One is an SOS button – when pressed, the elderly personal GPS Watch will automatically text out the location coordinates to a carer’s mobile phone – and then call the emergency phone numbers (e.g. carers, relatives) for a two-way conversation. The other two buttons can be programmed to call specific numbers – e.g. a carer, friend or family member. When pressed, the elderly personal GPS watch dials out, and connects.

Geo-Fencing for Elderly Wanderers

A popular feature of the elderly personal GPS watch is geo-fencing. A simple text message to the GPS watch can set a “geo-fence”, which is a radius from a specific location. Then, if the personal GPS watch strays beyond that distance, an alert text will be sent to the carer’s mobile phone. This is fantastic for elderly people, who may suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s, and be at risk of wandering. The elderly personal GPS watch comes with a detailed set of instructions, but we’re available to help out if you need it.

See Our Tutorial Video of the Elderly Personal GPS Watch!

We have made a simple visual guide – click here to see how fantastic the elderly personal GPS Watch is!

Click here for more detailed information about the elderly personal GPS watch.


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