Children’s Tracking Devices

Children’s Tracking Devices – Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Most parents have no idea just how useful children’s tracking devices are.

For example, did you know:

  • Children’s tracking devices can give location reports via text
  • Its actually free to use live online tracking (with us at least!)
  • Our children’s tracking devices also have mini microphones and speakers to allow for two-way calling
  • You can also listen in remotely
  • An SOS “panic” button can be pressed which sends the location via text, and calls your mobile!

Children’s Tracking Devices Sold Here

We have two excellent children’s tracking devices. All our tracking devices work brilliantly – they come with detailed manuals so you can see how to perform the various functions and get set up with free online tracking. If you get stuck, we’re available to provide quick assistance to get you back on track!

Children’s Tracking Devices for the Toddlers

This is a cute, colourful tracking device which is specially designed for the little ones. It has a tamper-proof case, and 2-3 day battery life before needing a recharge. Four buttons can be programmed with different phone numbers, so your child can make a call by pressing a button. These don’t have to be programmed though, if you’re worried about mis-use. The middle button is an SOS button – when pressed, it will send you an alert text, and call your mobile phone. The children’s tracking device can be tracked online with a very user-friendly interface, that only takes a few minutes to get set up. This is a website – so no special software needs to be installed. It is currently on special offer – so buy it whilst you have the chance! You can read more about the children’s tracking device by clicking here, or on the picture.

Children’s Tracking Device for the Older Ones

This children’s tracking device is an incredible gadget – its small, robust, discreet, and has a long battery life (7 days on standby!) Two small buttons can be programmed with specific phone numbers, and called with the push of a button. Again, a central SOS button can be pressed if needed – for example if you child is lost or in trouble. Live online tracking is available, so you can log into a website and see the tracker’s location. Or, as with our other children’s tracking device, you can text or call the tracker whenever you like to receive a location text by instant reply. Its a solid tracker with a built-in battery.

Additional features of this children’s tracking device is that it has geo-fencing. You can program up to five “zones” which are square shapes set by location coordinates. You can then receive text alerts if the tracker moves into, or out of those zones. This could be very useful if you want to know whether your child goes to a particular place.


For more information about our Personal Children’s Tracking Device, click here or on the picture.

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