Cheap GPS Tracker Clones and Imports

We Look After You – They Don’t!

Tacky imports will cost you more in the long run – the accuracy and reliability can be bad, as well as many other problems.

What may happen if you buy from an untrusted seller:

  • It will be sent from China, and you will have to wait up to a month
  • You’ll have to pay customs duty when it finally arrives
  • You’ll receive a clone, which will have cheap parts and may not work properly
  • You won’t get a printed manual, it will be on a small CD instead
  • The manual may not be in English, and will be very poorly written and hard/impossible to understand
  • You’ll get a China plug with an EU adapter (if you’re lucky), meaning three adapters all plugged together
  • There will be no customer service if you get stuck
  • There will be no comeback if your GPS tracker is faulty

Alternatively, when you buy from us:

  • It will be sent from the UK, within 2-5 days.
  • No customs duty!
  • You’ll receive a quality original that works
  • The Manual is printed, user-friendly, thorough, and easy to follow
  • You will get a UK plug
  • We are here to respond quickly to any emails with issues or questions
  • In the unlikely event that your item is faulty, we can send a replacement

We pride ourselves on integrity, user-friendliness and customer service.

      I ordered it from you as I appreciated the effort in creating a website that clearly describes how to get this set up and am further grateful for the very quick response in helping get this up and running fully. It’s great to see it on the map and I hope that this will enable us to keep better track of my father (who has Alzheimers) without unduly disturbing him.
      All the best,